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Chapters 11-15
Chapter Eleven: Most Foul, Strange and Unusual
From the forward of Chapter 12:
Sean and Edsel soon realize that Kevin has been captured, and succeed in luring and overpowering Piet, as Kevin is casually spun above the pit. Having forced the Grac to show them where Kevin is, they burst onto the scene and a battle occurs. In the ensuing chaos, the three manage to flee and hurry through the casino to escape. As they near an exit, Emil steps through a wall to skewer his spur into Kevin's chest.
  • Page 22: Kevin is skewered by Emil's spur
Chapter Twelve: Defend Me Friends; I Am But Hurt
From the forward of Chapter 13:
Dragging the stricken Kevin with them, Sean and Edsel flee towards home. During the escape, Emil is crippled as his father summons a dragon. Edsel immediately sets off to resurrect Mirth, leaving Sean to protect the house. In doing so, he is destroyed by the Cromm Cruich, but gains the time needed for Mirth and Edsel to vanish with Kevin.
  • Page 10: First sight of Cromm Cruich
  • Page 14/15: Reappearance of Mirth, complete with white hair
  • Page 18: "Death" of Sean Knight
  • Page 20: Death of Radu, via water
Chapter Thirteen: Mark Me
From the forward of Chapter 14:
Awakening a year later, Kevin finds himself healed in the faerie realms. Mirth warns him the enemy is nigh to finding the Fisher King. As they attempt to undermine this, both Mirth and Edsel are shot by Rashem. Edsel dies in Kevin's arms, telling him of his past self.
  • Page 2: Kevin awakes in the faerie realms
  • Page 20: Edsel dies
  • Page 22: Mirth introduces us to Excalibur, the bat (sort of a "sword in the stone" moment)
Chapter Fourteen: ...Or Not To Be
From the forward of Chapter 15:
After much debate, Kevin finally takes up the bat.
  • A fabulous issue, almost entirely devoid of action. This is when Kevin finally makes the decision to accept himself for what he is: the spirit of King Arthur.
Chapter Fifteen: Pass With Your Best Violence
Kevin cleans house at the Styx. He battles and destroys Red-Caps, Cromm Cruich, a Lehaunn Sidhe, Piet Grackleflint, and Goe-Magot. He faces the hounds, the faces of his guilt. He finds the Umbra-Sprite, dead already by the hand of Emil. As the Styx falls apart, Kevin blasts his way out and meets Mirth at ground level. "Get in," Kevin says, "I'm drivin'."
  • Page 17: Lazlo detects the Fisher King
  • Page 20-21: Emil spurs Fisher King - but to no avail
  • Page 24: Kevin kills Piet Grackleflint
  • Page 31: Kevin kills Cromm Cruich
  • Page 32: First Goe-Magot
  • Page 35: Kevin tosses Goe-Magot into the bottomless pit
  • Page 37: First Hounds
  • Page 41: Emil kills the Umbra Sprite
  • Page 42: First sight of the Hunter
Chapters:   1-5   6-10   11-15