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Chapters 6-10
Chapter Six: Alas, Poor Ghost
From the forward of Chapter 7:
Following a rousing battle with the Red-caps, Kevin crashes through an elevator car in an ill-fated attempt to stop the fleeing Lazlo. During their subsequent exit from the faerie realms, Mirth reveals to the bewildered Sean Knight that he must, certainly, be a ghost ­ he just forgot. Meanwhile, calling itself Rashem's Gros Bon Ange, the Umbra Sprite's shade appeared to Kevin's superstitious cell-mates, seducing them with a mysterious staple-gun. Kevin, Mirth, and Sean start off for Edsel's house, unaware they are being followed.
  • Page 2-3: Mirth describes elf-bolts
  • Page 9: Sean has his own bout of "The Sight"
  • Page 17: The Umbra Sprite's shade appears to Rashem and Gregory
  • Page 22: First Styx Hotel Casino shot
Chapter Seven: Lady Shall I Lie in Your Lap?
From the forward of Chapter 8:
Inadvertently, the trio eludes the trailing Rashem and Gregory, while the latter experiments with their mysterious staple gun. Back at the Styx, Emil voices his dissension at his brother's punishment. Having retrieved Edsel the group now makes its way to Kevin's apartment, where Kevin is ambushed in his bedroom by a waiting Leanhaun Sidhe. Edsel comes to the rescue and Mirth manages to catch a Grackleflint.
  • Page 15: First Leanhaun Sidhe, speaking in rhymes
Chapter Eight: Against a Sea of Troubles
From the forward of Chapter 9:
After Sean's bout of "The Sight," Mirth bags Stanis and the group interrogates him. Before Stanis' escape to the street (via the Umbra Sprite's shade), he reveals that Mirth is the beacon that leads the Umbra Sprite to the group again and again. Kevin jumps to the street to stop Stanis, but in doing so he inadvertently steers Stan's getaway car into his own apartment building. While Kevin is still in shock about his home going up in flames, Mirth teleports himself into an ATM so as not to lead the Umbra Sprite to the group anymore. He announces he is going to erase all record of Kevin's existence, and leaves an ATM card to reach him in case of emergency.
  • Page 6: Mirth announces that Grackleflints can't stand water
  • Page 6: Sean reveals that he can create electricity
  • Page 7: Sean reveals his ability to scare
  • Page 18/19: Stanis dies, Kevin's apartment burns
Chapter Nine: And by Opposing End Them
From the forward of Chapter 10:
Five months after Mirth's entombment, Kevin and Edsel ambush two Grackleflints and a Red-Cap in an alley, only to discover that one of the Gracs has the power of invisibility. A laundry ticket is found in the pants left behind by the Red-Cap. Sean goes to investigate and discovers the claim is registered to the Styx Hotel and Casino. The clerk says the drop-offs are done by any of the five various pit-bosses, all of whom look somewhat alike. Further, Sean learns the Casino is throwing a party that evening to commemorate the opening of a new mission for the homeless that it is sponsoring. And so, the comrades prepare to enter the Styx.
  • Page 8: Radu reveals his power of invisibility
  • Page 18: Sean discovers that the Styx hotel is the home base for the Umbra Sprite and company
  • Page 22: My personal favorite picture of the entire comic book
Chapter Ten: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream
From the forward of Chapter 11:
After entering the Styx, the companions decide to split up and meet in an hour. Sean is almost immediately seen and recognized by Lazlo and Radu. Later, Sean fails to register any reading when touched by Lazlo. When informed, the Umbra Sprite dispatches a will-o-wisp and faerie musicians to snare Kevin. Kevin wakes to find himself at the top of a deep pit, held tightly by Rhiannon's Bane.
  • Page 5: First sight of the Grackleflints as Pit Bosses
  • Page 15: Kevin is snagged by a will-o-wisp
  • Page 17: Faerie musicians lull Kevin to sleep
  • Page 18: First Rhiannon's Bane
Chapters:   1-5   6-10   11-15