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Major Arcana
The Umbra Sprite
"Umbra Sprite means simply, dark spirit, but the Grackleflints are utterly my own creation. In searching for a moniker for a brood born of a demon, I devised the term in the same way I came up with Matchstick ­ by combining common words to form a character name that was descriptive. Grackles are oily, squacky, nasty birds. Flint is brittle and black ­ like their souls. Making them featureless and white stressed the point by formajg an opposite image. Otherwise, there's no mythological base for these characters ­ although there are certain mentions in Native American lore about hideous old women with sharp, spiked elbows."
Matt Wagner
The Grackleflints
Stanis Grackleflint: Stan has the power to fly.

Lazlo Grackleflint: Lazlo has the power to divine via touch what a creature is. He is the Umbra-Sprite's key to finding the Fisher-King.

Piet Grackleflint: Piet has the power of shape changing. He can exercise that power over all his fellow Gracs.

Radu Grackleflint: Radu has the power to make himself and others invisible.

Emil Grackleflint: The most dangerous of them all is Emil, for his power is that of free will. He does not blindly follow the Umbra-Sprite. Interestingly, he is also the only Grac for which we have no confirmation of death...

Characters:   Kevin   Mirth   Edsel   Sean   Major Arcana   Minor Arcana